How It Works

Welcome to Bidappeal, where the most exciting 15 minutes in the e-commerce world can be experienced. 100% authentic designer brands, high tech electronics can be won at the price of your choice, saving up to 90% off their retail price.



Simply begin by Registering on our website. Head to the "upcoming auctions" and choose the item you wish to bid on.


2Buy Ticket

In order to participate in the auction of your choice,you must purchase the ticket indicated on featured item by clicking on the "buy tickets".


3Go to auction

Use your purchased ticket to guarantee a seat in the auction by pressing the "reserve" bottom .Wait until the countdown 00:00:00 is reached. If item doesn't get minimum amount of tickets required, it will be passed and the ticket will be returned to your account for future use.


4Place your price

If minimum amount of ticket is reached, then the auction will take place. You have maximum of 3 minutes to place your Initial price. Once your initial price is placed, you'll be automatically directed to the bidding room.

5Change your price twice

You can view your ranking and accordingly change your bidding price.

6Wins the item

Let's not forget M, our mysterious character, who might be present in the auction and the chatting room. In the last 2 minutes of the auction, you'll be given again a chance to change your bidding price for the final time. Once the 2 minutes are over, all the prices of bidders will be revealed and the bidder with highest price placed will be the winner.


The winner will then receive a message to proceed to checkout and pay his final price submitted.


Your won item will be delivered to your doorstep.