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I love your Ms corner items. Can you get the Lv scarf to auction?

Hello, I'm glad to hear that. We will consider that and let you know -M

Hey do you deliver to lebanon? And what is the proccedure to enter w bid What are the tickets ?

Hello. Of course, we deliver to Lebanon since its our base country. To enter a bid; Login,buy required ticket to participate in preferred auction, attend auction, place your own price(you have chance to change it another 3 times). At end of 15 minutes, if you placed highest price, you win. You will have to pay your placed price.Watch ''how it works" for better explanation. -M

can you make another auction for them please

Hello, yes we will place the YEEZY again on the site. -M

hi i wish you can help me with my daily style i always feel aim not buying the trendy stuff or not knowing how to complete my outfit???

Hi Randa Iam glad you asked for help about this major question I face everyday ,to complete a look !!! first I advise you to search for key items Thant can be used in different styles day and night and As a scarf ,leather jacket and a blazer or bags and accsesorise boots as we are heading to winter looks soo whatever your wearing a jeans with basic tee shirt just put the jacket or scarf you'll change your whole look into trendy stylish way.-M

hi, i just regsiter, and i thought you will send at least 1 tichet, free on register, or how you had before, free bids on register

Hello, Glad to see you on the site. Our concept is completely different based on limited seats per auction and not bids. Giving free tickets might create conflict when estimating the right cover up cost of product especially that we are trying to decrease amount of seats. Please do contact us for any further inquiries. -M

Can a person send product suggestions

Hi, of course you can suggest a product. We want our clients to be able to get whatever they wish for as long as there's a demand for it. Thank you for trusting our site.. -M

How does auction get minimum number of tickets?

Hi Participants should reserve the required seats. All seats should be reserved before an auction takes place.-M

Is there a minimum number of people who need to reserve a seat for the bidding to begin if so how many?

Hi, There is no minimum amount of spots needed to be reserved. All indicated number of spots should be filled before an auction takes place.Thanks for participating on the Lv backpack and being among our first customers!We will put it again on the site along with many interesting items.Hope this time, the number of seats would be filled.For any technical inquiries, please dont hesitate to send us an email to -M.

Can you repeat past bids

Yes of course. Items will be re-placed regularly don't worry! -M.

How do you bid after you reserve what do you do?

You have to wait for the counter of the reserved item to end! Happy bidding. - M.

اذا انا خصرت المزاد بيرجعو مصرياتي

إذا اشتركت في المزاد وعدد الأماكن المشغولة لم تكتمل ستسترجع بطاقتك. أم إذا اشتركت وربحت فعليك أن تدفع المبلغ الذي أنت وضعته

Hi M, I have a casual small lunch tomorrow and I have no idea what to wear. Could you please help me?

Hello! Go with a torn boyfriend jeans with an off-shoulder top and a wedge. I think it'll suit you perfectly! If you have any concerns belonging to where to find the products let me know. And hope I will be able to assist you on a shorter notice next time. - M.

مساء الخير اي نوع من الألبسة تنصحينني هذه الصيفية للاستفادة منها للنهار و الليل في نفس الوقت؟

ما انصحك به هو الإكثار بشراء الفساتين الطويلة فهي تلعب دورين للنهار والليل مع تعديل بالحذاء .

I have a pale white tone skin with light brown hair. What Colors suit me without looking boring? Lydia.

I suggest you keep away from white and beige colors .Choose bright colors that can bright up your skin ,go for raspberry pink and blues. - M

Please help me choose a dress for jewellery shop opening under 100$. I have long legs size 38. Rana Z.

For that event in specific ,you need a statement dress that is either metallic or a pop up colour .Personally, I think Miss Selfridge has a lot of varieties under 100$ . -M

I love Valentino gladiators but they are way too expensive. How can I have same stylish look? -- Wadad

Zara and topshop has a lot of similar gladiators. -M

If I were to buy only 1 bag for summer and I have the budget ,what would you suggest? Thanks, Dee.

I would suggest a bag that you can wear as a day bag and at the same time as a night bag, then go with Diorama medium size . -M

Hi M, Am going on beach vacation. Please give me more items like Alice & Olivia kaftan? - Your New Follower.

I would recommend Yuliya magdych ,an Ukrainian designer that designs fascinating traditional kaftans.

مساء الخير اي نوع من الألبسة تنصحينني هذه الصيفية للاستفادة منها للنهار و الليل في نفس الوقت؟

ما انصحك به هو الإكثار بشراء الفساتين الطويلة فهي تلعب دورين للنهار والليل مع تعديل بالحذاء .